DUI and Traffic Violations

Experienced Naperville, Illinois DUI Defense Lawyers

Drunk driving and other traffic charges must be taken seriously. You can lose your driver’s license, have to pay large fines, and in some cases serve time in jail. You need a strong defense lawyer who will vigorously defend you and work to keep any punishment to a minimum.

Kuhn, Heap & Monson, of Naperville, Illinois, has had an active criminal defense practice for more than 25 years. Our attorneys know how the system works and how to fight for clients charged with DUI and other traffic violations. We offer free consultations to clients throughout Chicago’s western suburbs, including DuPage, Kane, Will and Kendall counties. Contact us.

Taking the Time to Help You through It

In every case we take, our attorneys take the time to help clients through every aspect of their legal troubles. If you were charged with a DUI, we will answer all your questions about your rights regarding what you have to do when you get pulled over, including field sobriety testing, breathalyzers, and drugs tests.

In so doing, if we discover that your rights were violated or that the evidence against you is faulty, our attorneys will aggressively pursue justice. We tailor our defense strategy to the specifics of each individual case, including challenging improper evidence and, if necessary, arguing your innocence before a judge or jury.

License Suspension

One of the key issues in traffic violation and DUI defense is license suspension. We understand how important driving privileges are to you, and we will work hard to get them back. Our lawyers can help you through the exhaustive process of getting a Secretary of State hearing for the reinstatement of your driver’s license.

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