Each of the attorneys of Kuhn, Heap & Monson bring wide-ranging experience to their legal practices. Richard W. Kuhn is a founding member of the firm and was named a Top Illinois Attorney by the Superlawyer group. He is a frequent speaker before business and civic organizations, and a participant in several charitable and community-related boards. Robert A. Heap worked as an elementary school teacher before becoming a prosecutor with the DuPage County State's Attorney's Office before entering private practice. Before joining Kuhn, Heap & Monson, Leonard M. Monson earned his MBA and worked in industry for many years, reaching the level of CFO and General Counsel for GCL.

Attorney Jennifer Brahler Nagle has extensive experience in the areas of probate, guardianships, estate planning and taxes.

Andrew Heap is a life long resident of Naperville, Illinois, and has extensive experience in the fields of residential real estate transactions, estate planning and criminal defense.

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